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The Directory of Hotels is an information gateway to over 24,000 Hotel contacts in the USA and Canada and is fast developing into the Number 1 source of marketing information for Hotel suppliers across the nation.  (A UK Directory of Hotels is also available here)
Quite simply, no other Hotel Directory or email list comes anywhere close to providing these numbers of valuable and accurate contacts at such a low cost:-.
Why Email List Marketing is now the preferred marketing method.
Although we do provide postal address information with most records, in this day and age the vast majority of our customers prefer to use the data to contact the Hotels listed using email.
The most compelling reason? It’s way faster and very much less expensive. Plus, all email addresses listed in the Directory are guaranteed to be 100% deliverable ensuring our data provides you with an exception return on your investment.
Yes, that is correct ! We offer.…

The Directory provides you with everything you need for your  e-mailing campaigns. The success of your marketing efforts will depend on your mailing list. However, the ideal mailing list often seems elusive, but without the right list, it is virtually impossible to compete and be successful.  However,  the Directory of Hotels can give you a clear advantage.

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                               Note: Not all records in the Directory have street addresses and telephone numbers. See above for full details.

Once you have chosen the best destination for your holidays, it’s then time to pick the hotel fitting your budget and offers that meet all the needs for a perfect vacation. Booking a hotel is easy but choosing the right hotel for you can take hours and even days of investigation.Fortunately, it is possible to choose a luxury hotel with the minimum of disturbance by knowing where to look out .

The first thing to do is to decide what are you wishing for ; a peaceful calm holiday away from noisy places , or a place where the fun and activities never end.Popular hotels will be picked up quickly so don’t wait until a few days before traveling to book a hotel . Just browse quickly what the hotel is offering and what are your needs.This isn’t always the case , some are just putting extra money on services you don’t need.

One more thing is to know in advance about facilities, if there is a parking available, WIFI, Indoor or outdoor pool, SPA and sport area … One should ask if there is a breakfast included in the price , breakfast not only saves you money; it also helps you to get out the door faster and have more time to enjoy your day.

Do not stay too far away from the main attractions. Consider both time and money required to get from your hotel to the main attractions.

Last but not least  one can always check hotel feedbacks online , you can get a great idea of what other guests thought about their stay at the place.

When booking a hotel, there are many choices to pick from, so it’s important make an ideal plan to choose the right hotel for you. For an email delivery service see;

New Hotel Sales and Marketing Techniques using Email Lists


Hotel Email Mailing Address Lists really are a must-have for all of those very new to Digital Marketing. By simply collating addresses of customers and prospective clients your marketing division could have ready access to several interested customers – and most likely these lists could be composed for free, by captivating for members via your own site! As soon as you’ve got some email addresses you will be able to start advertising straight to them, and can even organise them using demographics to ensure your marketing is appropriately targeted.


Through submitting your details to a marketing directory and database of Hotels you could save you money in the earlier days of the business being started or acquiring more individuals to view your site. With plenty of rivalry on the modern day world it can be difficult to be seen when many others are providing a similar service. Whenever funds is an issue or you want to get maximum exposure quickly, it’s a powerful way to get in touch with prospective customers who’d otherwise have no information about your existence.


Precisely what are Hotel Email Mailing Address Lists? They’re made up by companies and used to promote services or products in a method of advertising that is often free, which provide a method for firms to know their customers’ needs and wants. Through giving out interest in clients through Email, a company could flourish when it comes to customer trust. There are several tips offered to help with making the most from your lists – for instance addressing the customer by name or suggesting items of specific interests to them.


Just how much does it cost to buy Email Mailing Address Lists of Hotels for yourself? The answers vary depending upon whether you would like to invest in Business addresses or Consumer addresses, having consumer addresses often pricing more. The price remains to be not high, and is commonly offered as a bulk price per thousand records (or impressions), however individually a single consumer address is worth between 20 to 35 pence. Therefore a thousand records might cost anything between $180 to $350.


The objective of Hotel mail Mailing Address Lists is very clear; they let your company to reach out to certain consumers, therefore making brand interest. Using this technique will open you up to a completely new form of marketing, where you have permission to make contact with your clients to advertise your new deals, or to reach all of them with several rewarding and engaging content marketing which will bring in new interest in your brand. It allows you opportunities in brand affiliation and business-to-business partnerships that you could take directly to the client!


A number of companies specialize in the B2B exchanging of Email Mailing Address Lists of Hotels – but you must be more careful about this. Global law varies as to which nations allow this sort of trade and which don’t. At the United States, for example, it is illegal to buy or market an Email address without the people knowledge or consent. It’s for this reason that responsible companies usually develop their own lists, delivering clients with an opt-in and opt-out clause.




        An overview of Services offered by Hotels Hotels are an excellent place to stay when you are spending a vacation, on a business trip, or simply far away from home. So check out the  Hotels come in varying sizes and are rated according to quality, service, and amenities. Small ones with a few facilities are rated one-star, while the grand ones that feature complete and elegant amenities are rated five- or even six-stars. Hotels serve as a “temporary home” to its guests, providing them with a relaxing stay while enabling them to enjoy the hotels’ complete amenities and facilities. Among the common amenities present in hotels in the United States include beds, shower and bath, lamp, side table, cable television, air conditioning, closet, balcony, and mini bar. For facilities, depending on the star-rating of the hotels, some may provide indoor or outdoor swimming pool, café and restaurants, gym, and casino to name some. They come with friendly, attractive, and hospitable staff that will cater to your needs and provide satisfactory customer service. You can usually call their attention and request favors by simply dialling the phone and placing your order. If you want to experience the luxury and comfort of living in the city while exploring the busy roads and highways, take a break from the country life and check in at any in the US.

We provide many Email Marketing Lists covering the following types of businesses in the USA:

Architects Database

Builders and Construction Companies  Database

Beauty Salons Database

Interior Designers Database

Jewelry Stores Database

Restaurants Database

Travel Agencies Database

In addition Email Marketing Databases for Australia and the United Kingdom are also available

  .         .     TEXT Version of this Page:- Customers are the lifeblood of any business, most especially in the hotel industry. The competition here is tough, making it a huge challenge to gain new customers and retain old ones. If you are a merchant who sells goods or provides services to hotels in the United States and Canada, you can profit from the Directory , an information gateway that helps suppliers to the hotel industry reach out to more prospective customers. With over 18,000 hotels compiled in its database, the Directory can certainly help boost  sales revenue. The Database can provide you with everything you need for your  e-mailing campaigns. The success of your marketing efforts will depend on your mailing list. However, the ideal mailing list often seems elusive, but without the right list, it is virtually impossible to compete and be successful. Only the Directory of Hotels can give you such advantage. Here are a few reasons why you should use it for your email list marketing operations:

  • Fast – Purchasing a copy of the directory is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply click on the button that says, “Add to Cart” and you will receive a .CSV file containing a list of more than 24, 000 hotel contacts. This is achievable in just a few minutes through direct download.
  • Affordable – Most directories will cost you several hundreds of dollars without giving you reliable contacts and high quality leads. The Directory of Hotels offers profitable contacts and great value for money.
  • Trustworthy – All the email addresses that are found in our database has been checked and rechecked several times. This is to make sure that all the messages that you will send will be delivered. The 100% deliverability guarantee gives you a chance to gain the best  response rate.
  • Extensive – Marketers need not  rely on email addresses only. See in case you may want to try promoting your services through phone or through snail mail  the Directory of Hotels will provide you with 1,000’s of  mailing addresses and phone numbers.

Any mailing list or database provider that does not give updated information is not serving your best interests.  Read more. This is where the freshest contact information at hotels in US and Canada can be found. All data have been researched with dedication, so that hardworking hotel suppliers like you can get updated and accurate contact details of potential clients. How to Find a Good Mailing Business Email Directory E-mail marketing is very effective if done properly.” This is a very common statement given by online marketers, but what they don’t tell you is that it is very tough to find the contact details of prospective customers. Buyers are not going to come to you and provide their mailing addresses. So, you have to buy Business Email Directory from a reliable seller to make sure your voice gets heard by the target segment of consumers. If you are new in the field of online marketing, it is not possible for you to know any reliable mailing list seller. You have to take the help of both online and offline resources to discover the companies selling mailing lists of your targeted geographical zone within your budget. Here is what you can do: Take the help of internet: You can search online for a Business Email Directory. This sounds like an obvious suggestion, but it is not as simple as it may seem. If you just type “email list sellers” in Google, thousands of results will appear and it is quite possible that the top sites on the SERP don’t provide the mailing list of the location you need. MNCs have offices or shops everywhere in the world, but if you have a local business, your search should focus on local mailing list sellers. For example, a bakery owner in Los Angeles should search for “Los Angeles email list seller” to get more specific results. Ask your business associates: The problem of purchasing mailing lists online is that you can never be too sure about the seller. You can read the testimonials and compare the rates of email lists, but it is hard to determine whether the lists will really contain active users’ contact details. So, if you want to be certain, it is good to ask your friends and business associates about the mailing list providers they deal with. They can recommend you some really trustworthy Business Email Directory seller. Once you find a reliable email mailing and marketing lists seller, contact the business owner and discuss the cost of email lists. If the price is within your budget, buy confidently and start your marketing campaign. You  can view many of our mailing lists at You Tube:  Estate Agents  Builders Merchants  Charities in UK   p3  Dentists  Used Car Dealers  Golf Course and Clubs   Should You Buy Promotional Items Suppliers Leads? You may have a product or service that you wish to offer to promotional items suppliers, but how do you go about contacting them?  You know how to undertake traditional marketing, but the rules have changed in recent years.  Email marketing has become a huge part of most businesses’ marketing strategies. There are distinct benefits linked to making use of email marketing methods.

  • You can reach people all over the world
  • It is an interactive method of marketing
  • The costs are low
  • You can obtain reports on the behaviour of your targeted market

One of the huge benefits of  Promotional items is that you can reach audiences globally which is often a difficult task with traditional marketing methods.  This offers you a wider audience and a larger group of potential customers. You can make your email a more interactive experience for the recipient.  Unlike paper-based marketing methods, you can add videos and interesting graphic displays to your email message.  You can even send special personalised messages to specific targeted portions of your list. Promotional items suppliers are known to come at a low cost.  Paper based flyers, catalogues and brochures are cost and time intensive.  The fast deliver of email messages also makes it easier to use. You can obtain marketing software that will provide you with useful reports on the behaviour by recipients of the promotions you have sent them.  You will be able to assess the success rate of your marketing campaigns.  This provides you with important information which you can use to make your future email campaigns more successful. A simple method of starting an email marketing campaign is to buy email lists for the appropriate promotional items suppliers you wish to target.  This will give you an immediate list of thousands of prospective clients whom you can contact within a few hours of purchasing the list.  

Email Mailing List of Dentists

Dentistry is certainly an admirable profession, but dentists need devices and tools to perform their duties. No one knows that better than dental equipment manufacturers. If you run a business in which dentists are your primary clients, then you will undoubtedly need access to wide variety of dental professionals. An email mailing list of dentists can be the ideal way to reach your target audience in a timely fashion. But what exactly does a mailing list provide?

Access to Wide Variety of Dentists

A mailing list is essentially a database of emails, all of which connect you with dentists or dentists’ offices. It gives you direct access to a number of different dentists across different specialties and regions. For instance, you can find professionals in the Directory of Dentists  who specialize in orthodontics in Wyoming if that is your target audience. Of course, the mailing list will provide access to any number of dentists in many different locales.

Personalized Touch

Sales tactics like phone marketing and standard mailing lists do not provide the kind of personal touch that an email mailing list of dentists can. With an email message, you will be able to target different markets and specialties with ease. The message within the email can be geared specifically toward your target audience and can be changed rather easily to accommodate different markets.

Continued Connections

Once you get a response from a dentist, you can continue making connections with them over a long period of time. Your name will continually be in the backs of their minds, and you will be more likely to earn sales by providing weekly or monthly offers to your potential clients.

Clearly, there are many different ways to reach dental professionals, but an online mailing list gives you unprecedented access that you won’t find anywhere else. To avoid scams, it’s always important to do business with a trusted mailing list vendor that can guarantee quality emails.

Choosing the right hotel for you

When choosing a hotel to stay in there is some things to consider. One of the most important is the price of the rooms. Depending on the hotel, rooms can run anywhere from $50 to $200 a night. Something to remember is that smaller establishments often offer a homier atmosphere. This may be very attractive to families. The down side to smaller establishments is that they do not always have the same amenities that larger chains have. For example, small bed & breakfasts offer a cozy atmosphere that is attractive to many couples. The bigger chains may be more attractive to people that are on business trips. This may be because they often offer lower rates than smaller establishments.

What amenities do Hotels Offer?

There are many different types of amenities that hotels offer. These amenities range from basic continental breakfasts to guided tours. Thought, the more extravagant the amenities will cost you more than a regular room.

Some amenities offered may be:

  • a pool
  • an exercise room
  • room service
  • in room phone
  • small in room kitchenette

These are just some of the amenities offered by establishments. Some of the amenities may cost extra. One of the amenities that dose cost extra is room service. This is a great thing to have when busy people or couples that do not want to go out to eat. The next is having a small kitchenette. This is a good option for people that prefer to cook their own meals. The other benefit is that healthier chooses can be made in what to eat.


hotels usa



Hotels Email List


The  Services of a Email List of Hotels

The main functionality of the hotels is to offer lodging facilities for the guests in need. People who are traveling for many different purposes tend to stay in the hotels. On the other hand, people who want to take a break and enjoy time with their loved ones also prefer to get a list of hotels.

The hotels that you can find out there in the world can be divided into few different categories based on the star rating. The star rating defines the services and the accessibility of the mailing list of hotels. The star rating varies from one-star hotels up to five-star hotels. Out of them, a Directory of hotels or a Database of Hotels are the most popular. The amount that a guest has to pay for the hotel depends on the star rating.

The hotels can provide people with the opportunity to enjoy a secure and a luxurious stay. Many different types of hotel rooms, such as single, twin, and family suites are available in a hotel. It is up to the guests to go through these options and reserve the best one out of them. Meals are also being provided to the guests apart from the rooms. At the time of booking using hotel addresses, the guests can select if they want only the room, bed and breakfast, half board or full board.

The check-in and check-out times are fixed by the hotel. However, there is a possibility for the guests to enjoy flexible check-in and check-out times, especially during the non-peak seasons. People who check into the hotel must discuss and negotiate it with the hotel at the time of making the reservation.

Aside from these services many Directory of Hotels also list  venues for conferences, weddings, meetings, conventions and many other large gatherings.



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